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TB Statistics for Children – No. children sick with TB, No. children eligible for preventive treatment

http://ghostprof.org/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://ghostprof.org/teaching/past-courses/436b201509/schedule-engl436buvic/ The TB statistics for children show that an estimated one million children are becoming ill with TB each year. The main countries in which these children with TB live are shown below.

Number of children becoming sick with TB

">enter site The following is the estimated number of incident cases aged 0-14

Country Number of children becoming sick with TB
India 120,000
China 53,000
Philippines 37,000
Indonesia 32,000
South Africa 31,000
Nigeria 30,000
Pakistan 27,000
Bangladesh 19,000
Democratic Republic of the Congo 17,000
Myanmar 12,000
Mozambique 12,000
Kenya 12,000
Ethiopia 12,000
Viet Nam 8,200
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 7,700
Angola 5,800
Brazil 5,500
Russian Federation 5,400
United Republic of Tanzania 4,800
Thailand 4,700

Children eligible for & started on TB preventive therapy

Country Children eligible for TB preventive therapy Children started on TB preventive therapy
India 360,000 6,637
Democratic Republic of the COngo 75,000 4,725
Indonesia 65,000 948
Philippines 55,000 2,777
Bangladesh 49,000 8,537
Nigeria 47,000 8,562
Kenya 24,000 3,365
Uganda 21,000 1,094
Mozambique 20,000 19,634
Afghanistan 20,000 15,417


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Major source for TB statistics for children

“The Silent Epidemic: A Call to Action Against Child Tuberculosis”, May 2018, The Union, https://childTB.theunion.org