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I think I have TB – What treatment should I take?

Are you sure that you have TB?

If you have TB you will often have a bad cough

If you have TB you will often have a bad cough

It is quite difficult to diagnose TB. The symptoms of TB are quite similar to other diseases. So it is possible to think that you have TB when you don’t.

Before you take any treatment for TB you must get a proper diagnosis done. This will usually be done by a doctor or other health care professional. They will need to do at least one test to find out if you have TB. After the test is done, then if you have TB they can tell you which drugs you should take to treat your TB.

My friend has TB. Can I take the same drugs?

The treatment for TB is the same for most people, which is to take drugs. But there are many different TB drugs. If you take the wrong drugs it could make your TB worse rather than better. Surgery is only occasionally used as a treatment for TB.

If you have been given drugs, you must take them all at the correct time. You should not give them or sell them to anyone else.

Could my TB get better even if I don’t take drugs? Can I just wait?

If you have got TB it is unlikely that you will get better without treatment. Also, you could be infectious, which means that you could pass on TB to other people.

So this is one of the reasons why it is so important to get tested, and to then take the correct treatment.

It is best to find out as soon as possible if you have TB. If you leave it a long time to get a diagnosis, then it is more likely that the disease will do long term damage to your body. You are also more likely to pass TB on to other people.

I don’t have any money so how can I get treatment?

There are some countries such as India where you can get free treatment from government centres.

I am worried that my child might have TB. What should I do?

Diagnosing and treating TB in children can be even more difficult than diagnosing and treating TB in adults. So if you think that your child might have TB you should take them to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Children with TB are usually not infectious, and so will usually not pass on TB to either other children or adults.


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